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Evaluation + Insight = Action

Our Mission

ProEval Insights mission is to provide small businesses and nonprofit organizations with the capacity to gain a deeper understanding of their organization’s impact and provide insights on how to use their data for program improvement, expansion and sustainability.

Our vision is to be known as those who can fix anything, restore old ruins, rebuild and renovate, and make communities livable again (Isaiah 58:12 MSG).

Core Capabilities

  • Strategic Planning

  • Program Development & Evaluation

  • Data Collection, Analysis & Reporting

  • Proposal Development

  • Workshops & Training

Evaluation + Insight = Action

Our objective is to carry out organizational assessments that provide a clear picture of the current environment in which it operates, and provide strategic guidance for program improvement, expansion & sustainability.

This will enable the leaders of the organization to make changes to existing activities, objectives, and processes; and implement changes that lead to greater impact and positive change.

Program evaluation verifies that the program is running as originally planned, identifies strengths and weaknesses, and allows for continuous feedback in order to adjust the program accordingly. In addition, it can be used to:

  • 1

    Showcase the impact and effectiveness of the services offered by your organization in your community.

  • 2

    Cut costs for your organization and streamline services by showing what works and what does not work.

  • 3

    Promote program development by improving processes, protocols and the overall quality of your program.

  • 4

    Strengthen and increase your program’s capacity to contribute evidence-based knowledge to the field by showing what works or doesn’t work.

  • 5

    Provide the evidence of service use, effectiveness, and demand in order to justify the need for further funding and support.

Become A More Impactful Organization

ProEval Insights Can A.I.D.E Organizations In Achieving Their Goals


What problem would you like to fix? Are you ready to scale your organization up? ProEval Insights utilizes a range of tools to assess your organization, including phases of Lean Six Sigma, Program Evaluation, and Human Centered Design.


How is your organization currently performing? ProEval Insights sets out to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of your organization and uses both process and outcome data to gain this understanding.

This allows the team to take advantage of the collective wisdom of subject matter experts, staff, program participants, clients, partners, and volunteers.

Our team will work with your organization to develop theories around possible causes of the problem by brainstorming together and we facilitate the identification of activities, processes and changes that will lead to greater impact and positive change.


How will you fix the problem? How will you improve your organizations outcomes? ProEval Insights will collect improvement ideas throughout the project and work through this process with the aim of developing a structured improvement plan which will lead to creating innovative solutions.


The final stage of the A.I.D.E process is the evaluation phase. How do you sustain the newly achieved organizational improvement(s)? In order to get a complete picture of how well your program is being implement and what impact it is having, a process and outcome evaluation should be conducted.

An outcome evaluation measures the degree to which the program is having a quantifiable effect and tells whether the program is being effective in meeting its objectives. A process evaluation can describe how well the program is working, the extent to which the program is being implemented as designed, and whether the program is accessible and acceptable to its target population.

This provides the organization with early warning signs of any problems that may occur and best practices that can be replicated or scaled. Lastly, a process evaluation allows programs to monitor how well their program plans and activities are working. ]

Evaluation can results in having data and/or outcomes that can allow organization to share project success, which potentially can lead to greater momentum of change within the organization and information that can be used to leverage additional resources and/or support.

We Can A.I.D.E. Your Organization's Success

How To Find Us

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